Workshops with Peak Performance

Got Stage fright?

Anxious about an upcoming audition performance or Senior recital? Are you stressing out? Is practicing and performing becoming more like a dreaded chore? Are you constantly doubting yourself and your skills? Are you comparing yourself to others? If you answer "yes" to even one of these questions Dr. Jon Skidmore can help.

Based in Science

Stage fright and the peak performance are not mysteries — they are brain science. The path to peak performance starts between the ears, not in the practice room. For decades Dr. Skidmore has been helping performing artists learn how to turn their brain into a peak performance tool, step into flow, and find freedom on stage and in life.

The 3 promises of working with Dr. Skidmore

  • Your willingness to perform will rise to new heights
  • The quality of your performances will increase exponentially
  • You will discover newfound joy in the process of performing


Find a workshop that works for you!

Risk, fail, risk again!