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CONQUER STAGE FRIGHT: Perform with Confidence

Have you found yourself avoiding performance opportunities because it seemed more scary than fun?

Is the fear of failure keeping you from trying?

Is anxiety, or the fear of anxiety, interfering with your performance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you got “stage fright.” But you probably already knew that. Stage fright is not a disease, it is a skill deficit. Join us and you will learn about the tools and techniques to conquer stage fright.


Flow is not rocket science, or a mystery. It is brain science. In this workshop we will explore the brain and the specific steps you can take to set up and step into flow. Understanding the process of flow will increase your willingness to perform and the quality of what you share. And let's not forget the enjoyment. Understanding flow brings joy and excitement into each and every performance.



Imagine for a moment that somewhere inside of your head is a cast full of all types of “Characters.” Some are supportive of you, the Performer, while others seem to have their own agenda. Among these characters is a Director that is managing the show. There is a Performer ready to shine in the spotlight. There is an Imposter that wants to usurp the Director and steal the spotlight from the Performer. We will be learning specific tools to befriend the Imposter, empower the Director and liberate Performer. 

This will be a highly interactive workshop offering plenty of opportunities for the “Characters” inside of your head to be discovered, coached and learn to work together. Just know that you have a lot of great "Characters" ready for a great show!

MINDSET MATTERS: Upping your performance mindset to the level of your skill set

This workshop looks at how to create an optimal performance mindset and how to deal with the challenges of keeping focused during the performance process. Up-grade your mindset, up-grade your performance. Mindset matters!

Dr. Skidmore has presented for renowned organizations across the nation, including:

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