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Finding flow isn’t a mystery, it’s brain science! 

You are in the right place if you are looking for:

A new found enjoyment for the performance process.

An overall rise in your performance consistency and quality.

A willingness to step up, take risks, and put yourself out there.


The Five Stages of Peak Performance: the cutting-edge approach that will teach you how to bring neuroscience and performance psychology to your practice room and stage.

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For decades Dr. Jon Skidmore, Psy.D. has been helping performers from around the world find
freedom on stage and in life. He is a licensed psychologist, performance coach, singer,
educator, researcher and author. He believes that the brain is a peak performance tool and
that the path to peak performance starts between the ears, not in the practice room. His goal is
to help performers develop their mental skills so they can confidently and freely share their
gifts, tell their stories and sing their songs.

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Jade Gottfredson

Taking the Path to Peak Performance course was life-changing. I've performed ever since I was little but I never knew how to deal with my nerves. He has given me tools to harness my nerves, or as Dr. Jon likes to say my “activation.” As a film actor, I audition several times a week and I am constantly using the tools he has given me to have a peak performance every time.

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