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30 Days to Peak Performance

Keep an eye out for specific dates!

Level I 


  • 30 YouTube videos. Each video will focus on what to do to be ready to nail your next performance in 30 days. In each video you will be introduced to a tool in the 30 days to Peak Performance workbook.

  • Access to the Free Peak Performance Masterclass on October 11. In the masterclass, two musicians will perform and then Dr. Skidmore will workshop the psychological side of theirperformance experience.


Level II 

Everything included in Level I, we well as:

  • The Follow Peak Performance tools are also included:

  • A copy of the book: Conquer Anxiety by Skidmore and Shallenberger

  • 30 Days to Peak Performance By Skidmore and Ireland

  • Relax the Body Focus the MindRelaxation Exercise

  • The Finding Flow Checklist

  • The Affirmation Guide


Level III 

Everything included with Level II, as well as:

  • One 30-minute individual consultation

  • 31 Youtube videos

  • October 11 th Performance Master class

  • October 25 th Exclusive Question and Answer with Dr. Skidmore just for the participants doing this 30 days to Peak Performance course


Level IV 

Everything included with level III, as well as: 

  • October 25 Exclusive Question and Answer with Dr. Skidmore 

  • 30 days to Peak Performance course

  • November 4th Live Performance on Each participant will start this course with the date of theirperformance set.

  • The initial consultation with Dr. Skidmore about his Peak Performance skills Assessment.

  • Ending Consultation after your performance and the 10 individual sessions to explore where you are now and where you want to go!

  • 10 individual coaching sessions for ten weeks

  • A written response to each of your post performance debriefing sheets for performance that you have during this course.

  • One 30 minute “emergency” call if needed.

  • The Resource: Teaching the Five Stages of Peak Performance to Your Students by Skidmore

To Register or to ask any questions about the above program, email Dr. Skdimore at

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